1875 marks the founding of Serpollet. A flagship of SERFIM Group, the company has 140 years of experience and know-how in the area of public works and develops its skills in the design and laying of above ground and below ground energy networks to include electrification (LV, MV and HLV), public lighting, building illuminations and gas networks.

Innovation is central to its projects. Its engineering and design department handles projects from feasibility study to delivery of works (routing surveys, network provisioning, mapping, as-completed drawings, etc.).

Serpollet undertakes to carry out assigned works observing acknowledged rules of technology in compliance with quality-security-environment standards of practice.
The company’s 14 agencies and subsidiaries provide the capacity to carry out projects within optimal time horizons anywhere in France.
The on-call service in the Rhône-Alps region ensures the best possible level of safety in the public domain (incidents, network maintenance, etc.).

Serpollet has a workforce of 280 for posted annual sales of €45m.