Electricity distribution and transmission stations

Serpollet renovates and installs new high voltage transformer stations up to 225Kv. The stations are for the use of public organizations like E.R.D.F (French electricity board) and industrial companies which require them.

Our offering includes electrical engineering including :

This activity is complemented by the provisioning of civil engineering services.

We also propose customers a fault clearance service for their high and low voltage installations.

In Contracts reference list / drawing up of a contracts reference list ” Distribution and transmission substation contracts”
Transfer of  225KV/20KV transformer  and complete overhaul of the “TCFM” at ERDF’s Persan (95) station.
Transfer of 225KV/20KV transformer at ERDF’s Nourottes (78) station.
Change to “compensated neutral” (Malten) at the Sélestat (67) station.
Renovation of high voltage grids and installation of a 48V batteries enclosure at the Jacquard (42) station.