Public, sports facilities and monuments lighting

Public lighting

Serpollet handles heritage management, cartography, works requests and fault clearance for all types of structures. Installations assigned to Serpollet are regularly inspected for faults and regular preventive maintenance is undertaken. The 24/7 on-call unit carries out on-demand operations for any clearance of breakdowns whether they be caused by failures, accidents or vandalism, within 2 hours.
Serpollet operates and manages installation maintenance procedures:


Installation of new facilities, improvements to town facilities

Serpollet carries out turnkey services for any exterior lighting installations with no restriction on quantity or complexity. Our civil engineering and electrical engineering teams work closely together.
One of our major concerns is delivering environment friendliness solutions combining low light pollution with optimal energy efficiency: lighting appropriate to the function.
Our strengths: reactivity, flexibility, professionalism.

Serpollet carries out :


Lighting of sports facilities

Serpollet designs, installs and maintains the lighting of inside and outside sports facilities. The scope of its expertise in these services stretches from the planning of specific structures to the connection of equipment and to the design and installation of LV boards.  Serpollet provides a support service to every customer in order to define the most appropriate management solutions for facilities, trains them for their operation and assists them to calculate investment returns. Preference is given to sustainable and reliable solutions.  Serpollet

Centralized management and energy efficiency :


Valorization by light

Serpollet respects buildings and their environment and the options selected by designers and architects thus ensuring that delivery complies with specifications.

The diagram for the optimal wiring of the facilities is studied bearing in mind the management requirements specific to the selected equipment. Great attention is given to unobtrusiveness for network integration.

Serpollet makes sure no trace is left of its work by restoring worked surfaces to their previous state; our workers ensure optimal finishes after operations. A “clean site” code of practice is observed under all circumstances.

Serpollet ensures installations are electrically safe and sustainable in relation to weather conditions (wind, rain, snow). One of our inescapable rules is to take the precaution of not overloading existing networks so as to prevent inadvertent malfunctions.