Our values

Our teams : trust and respect

95% of jobs at SERFIM are now permanent. Indeed, with us the word team conjures up values that must be respected ; we do all we can to optimize the working conditions of personnel and maintain a low staff turnover.


Our worksites : excellence and expertise

Our business activities are far from easy but guided by noble purpose we proudly wear the badge of work well done. At SERFIM, error has been all but banished. Our efficacy comes from the fact that work projects are studied from all aspects in order to deliver work of quality and to comply with time limits.


Our environments : safety and transparency

The safety of our personnel is a daily concern. They represent the most precious component of the group and this explains why SERFIM created “SERFIM Gold”, a safety challenge awarded to those companies boasting an accident rate of less than 3% relative to their total workforce.


Our future : innovation and independence.

Innovation has always been a moving force in the group ; by being proactive and offering an increasing range of solutions and services to our customers we are able to move forward. SERFIM asserts its economic independence ; the group enjoys free choice and is not aligned to the fluctuations of financial markets. Its capital is distributed among its senior executives ; consequently, it belongs to the personnel.